About Us

The Director – Nicholas Gill

Nicholas Gill is a skilled and young individual, who has been always interested in facial expressions. He has been running a business in that area since 2010 and had numerous successes in it. In 2011, he purchased an office building near Lisbon in Portugal to facilitate his growing number of employees. He has had many clients over the years which had all been impressed by the standard of his work and his dedication to the facial expressions topic. Nicholas currently, while working on his business in Portugal, also studies in Dublin. His company, despite being quite large already, has a lot bigger potential, which Nicholas Gill is willing to utilize.
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How Nicholas became good in Facial Expressions

Nicholas has been studying facial expressions for 6 years now (since 2007) and then started a business involving facial expressions 3 years later, in 2010. Mr.Gill likes to work privately, in his own, innovative ways. His interests in this area started with him being found by a businessman who has a holiday home in Portugal. The businessman has been with Mr.Gill since 2007 and has made him very successful and good in facial expressions. Since that time he has had a great success in that area, Mr.Gill is still helping numerous families, doing facial expressions. He now does his work in Portugal. His colleagues and clients all say that Mr.Gill  has been a great person to work with and has a great head for the facial expressions topic.

The kind of work we do

Nicholas Gill studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to discover not only if someone is lying, but why is that person lying. Nicholas and his professional team assists different agencies to identify the lies and then expose the truth behind them.

Example 1: Gillian’s former patient one of the founders of a website comes to the Facial Expressions Research Group when she thinks she’s being squeezed out by her partner. When she turns up dead a short time later Nicholas fights against the prevailing evidence to expose the truth behind the murder.

Example 2: In the past, we have worked with many various clients in some cases we were even helping them in finding kidnapped children.

Our Office

Our main office is located in Portugal, near the city of Lisbon. Mr.Gill purchased the office in 2011 to accommodate the rising number of employees at our company. We currently have 135 employees specializing in different fields related to facial expressions and despite already having a large number of workers, this group of highly skilled and passionate people is still expanding. All of their work is coordinated and reviewed by the CEO Mr.Gill. The modern building has all the facilities that the facial expressions work would require, some of the more functional features include numerous private rooms for the employees, 4 board rooms, 16 meeting rooms and a large directors office where Mr.Gill works. The office lies in the beautiful Mediterranean scenery, with ponds and palm trees surrounding it, creating a perfect workplace for its employees.






“Nicholas has been coming to my house for the last twelve months and has helped both my children go through their transitions? He has been 100% accurate with facial expressions in everything he said. He has also seen many problems my children were experiencing through their everyday lives and their schooling. Without his support and guidance they wouldn’t be achieving a better way of life, being happier, more content and improving their school work.”

“My brother has anger problems and dyslexia. I called upon Nicholas to give us guidance as to what road we should go down, because we were going round in circles and not really getting anywhere as we constantly fought. His expertise astounded me when he asked questions and read their expressions to them. My brother is now calmer, less aggressive and now we are hardly fighting at all.”

“I am a single mother with a teenager. I went through a lot with my son. He kept getting into trouble in school, running away then going to his dad, getting drunk and taking drugs. I was fighting a loosing battle. I went into court and tried to get my son back into my life and also back into school but he thought getting drunk and taking pills like his friends was cool. Shortly afterwards my health deteriorated and I found out I got cancer. I now have my son back in my life, going to school and off alcohol and pills. If Nicholas had not met my son, asked questions and using his expertise in facial expressions, helped him, I wouldn’t have my son back.”

“I contacted Nicholas and his team to help me with my youngest son, who had been bullied badly in his previous school and in the one that he joined after we moved homes. Nicholas was able to make him feel comfortable and very quickly got my son confidence and opened him to talking, something that no one else has done. What astounded me was how Nicholas used his facial expressions techniques and got to the root of the problem so quickly. I had tears in my eyes when I was listening to the findings Nicholas got and seeing the sadness that my son was going through. The best decision I ever made was contacting Nicholas, now my son is learning to slowly stand up for himself with the techniques Nicholas gave my son and also the advise I was given. My son is on the road to a happier life all thanks to Nicholas and his team. If you have any doubts or worries like I did about anything or anyone please contact Nicholas and his team. It will be the best thing you ever done in your life.”

“My son has always been a loving, sweet, soft-hearted boy but over the last few years he was badly bullied by children in his school,even though he is now in another school the emotional damage that he carried with him is heartbreaking even to this day. I was just at his latest parent teacher meeting I had to be strong. When I came out and sat in the car I sobbed bitterly. I was told he constantly looks for everyone’s approval and will not give his opinion in class and that they are concerned with his extremely low self esteem. I did not know which way to turn but I started to look on the Internet. There I found Nicholas and his team. Nicholas gave him simple pointers and I’m seeing changes already. My son is very open now and what blew me away was Nicholas’s gentleness and his professionalism when used his facial expressions techniques on my son. I will forever be thankful and grateful to Nicholas and his team. My son is on a road to happiness and he’s even started to eat better. This is the best Santa present I gotten in my whole life and it’s all thanks to Nicholas and his team.”