Acting quickly to Covid.19

Running a business in this circumstances as a professional Businessman and challenged in the best of circumstances in my business due to COVID.19 so how has the team at The Facial Expressions Research Group been responding to the additional challenges posed by the COVID 19 Crisis?

CFO describes the changes of The Facial Expressions Research Group while on lockdown implemented over the last 6–weeks.

Following the Taoiseach’s original statement on Thursday 12 March, the staff of The Facial Expressions Research Group had to respond very swiftly. The paramount concern of the Group was the welfare of the staff, and so urgent steps were taken to cancel all investigations that were due to take place that evening. Immediate decisions had to be made regarding the upcoming investigations the group’s Barrister, postponed temporarily. Senior Investigations taking place the Group meet straightaway to begin contingency planning.  

The Group uses email and social media to keep in touch with Colleagues and messages were released on all platforms to make sure that Colleagues knew that there would be no investigations during the period set down by the State.

Following the initial flurry of activity, the real work began with CFO of The Facial Expressions Research Group deciding this. With staff working from home, meetings were carried out via WhatsApp in order to ensure that the Group would continue, including most important investigations and cases, could continue with as little disruption to our colleagues as possible. This has meant that everyone, thankfully, with excellent support from our IT team, co-ordinators and Tutors, the Group was able to navigate these challenges relatively easily.