Facial Expressions Group a Firm to be Reckoned with.

The former CEO, Mr. Gill comes from a high society family who are well known all around the world. Both his parents and himself have always held very high elite positions. Mr. Gill founded the group with Mr. O’Brien who is one of the most established businessmen in Ireland. Mr. Gill has made his company one of the most prestigious, powerful and established Law Firms in the world. CFO Mr. Barrington, CEO Mr. Reardon and Senior Partner Mr. Donlan keep this establishment firm going decades later.

The firm takes on cases where they see an in-correction or are contacted to take action. The firm is a force to be reckoned with. You certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of them that’s for sure. 

They are professional in every way and take no messing from anyone. They have a fantastic team which consists of the best lawyers, barristers, solicitors, body language experts, psychologists, councillors, and an notable investigation bureau.

The firm is a private investigation agency that specialises in family law, corporate investigations, and insurance fraud. They are based in Portugal, they guarantee absolute discretion and complete client confidentiality, their services are available from small to large organisations in all sectors, as well as to private clients who need help. 

They have undertaken a lot of complex and extremely complicated investigations and have an exceptionally high track record of delivering quality results for over a decade so far. This firm deals with both in-house and contract investigators and give exceptional service for their clients.