Facial Expressions Group Opening in New-York City in the New Year 2021

The Facial Expressions Research Group is proudly able to announce after last nights meeting with the board, The Facial Expressions Research Group is opening offices in New York City our address will be 825 Third Ave. We would like to come to this fantastic city to give this firm a wider range of clients and opportunity. We are proudly able to say we have been around in Portugal for 10 years.

Our main office will still be located in Portugal Quinta Do Lago Algarve, but we would like to open in New York as there will be grate opportunities for our firm, having a fantastic client reputation in Portugal we would like to continue that passion to are office in New York City. The firm was founded by Mr. Nicholas Gill a well known Irish businessman and model. But the now CEO is Michael who is dedicated to all the firms clients as was Former CEO Nicholas Gill but sadly left the firm to pursue a career in horse riding.

We our happy to declare that the founder Nicholas Gill will be back working in the New York firm while studying law at the Kings Inns. He will return with his new title as COO of the firm in New York working along side CFO Mr.Barrington and CEO Michael.

This has been a huge decision for the firm and we are so exited to get started in the new year 2021. Gill is hoping to fly to Florence for a week to then come back and get to work on his adventure in New York.

The board decided to announce this after last nights zoom meeting on the 19th of December 2020. We have purchased office space but our going to get a team to design the space the way we would like it the photos are the plan in which we would like the office space to look like.