Deception Expert Nicholas Gill says that this is emotion that not a lot of people think or maybe even don’t know. Hostility is a very strong impulse inspired by feelings of anger or resentment. Though hostile impulses are normal, and everyone has them from time to time (for example, when frustrated, offended, or deprived of something), a hostile person feels those impulses regularly. She or he is always ready to take offense or feel frustrated in some way. Hostility can play a part in anxiety which was my latest research to much anxiety can make people have attacks, of fatal depression or compulsions, and paranoia. On a larger scale, hostility leads to violent crime. Gill says people that have bad hostility or very bad anger are usually very depressed and by helping themselves with their own depression they will fight. Finding people depressed with anger before it gets to hostility anger is extremely important and my company has a huge role in doing that. In the UK having serious anger problems will then lead into a much more serious part in someones day to day life. They will start to think differently, it then leads to serious depression and then leads to Hostility Anger which can cause terrifying tragedies in peoples life.

Anger signals your body to prepare for a fight. This reaction is commonly classified as “fight or flight”. When you get angry, adrenaline and other hormones are released into the bloodstream. Then your blood pressure goes up, your heart beats faster, and you breathe faster. Sometimes after getting angry you get tired. Many people mistakenly believe that anger is always a bad emotion and that expressing anger is not okay. In reality, anger can be a normal response to everyday events. It is the right response to any situation that is a real threat. Anger can be a positive driving force behind our actions. Anger can also be a symptom of something else like what was said above. Please contact our group for help or advise if you think you might need it.