Mr.Gill returns as he prepares to open firm in New York While working with Dr. Ekman on Research

Mr.Gill and his research led with Dr. Ekman inspired the award-winning television series Lie to Me. Dr. Ekman also served as a scientific advisor to the show. They both analysed and critiqued each episode’s script and taught the cast and crew about the science of deception detection. While Mr.Gill was working with Dr. Ekman only on session two and three he was studying in Rock-Brook Park School and keeping his business life exceptionally private from his friends and family, Mr.Gill also worked with a well-known Irish Businessman who helped finance The Facial Expression Research Group in Portugal when he started in 2010.

Mr.Gill after years in The Facial Expression Research Group resigned to pursue a career in Spain doing horse-riding and lived there for over one Year. He then returned home and went down to renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School to do their 3 months intensive cookery course. He now is studying Law in the King’s Inns. He is looking forward to going back part-time to The Facial Expressions Research Group and working with Dr. Ekman on research.