Reading intervention Programme


Directed by Nicholas Gill
Following an invitation by our then Portugal visiting school educational psychologist, Nicholas Gill, a reading intervention programme was put in place with our special 1A2 class in the autumn of 2016.  The objective of the programme was to measure the reading ages of this group of students, implement an intensive reading programme over a ten week period and retest the students with a similar batch of tests at the end of the process to see if any improvement in their reading could be ascertained. The administration of the testing was done by the Learning Support department under the guidance of Alan. The reading programme was implemented during C.T. classes (duration 10 minutes daily) supplemented by assistance given by Transition year students.

The reading material was sourced in our local library arranged by there Home School Officer. The battery of tests looked at:
•Reading age
•Comprehension and
•Letter word recognition

The reading was also incorporated into the students’ English classes and some of their withdrawal time. The overall experience as measured at the conclusion of the programme showed that there was an overwhelming improvement in the students reading ability. (appendix one)

As a department it was positive to see our work validated. We recognise that when time and resources are put into students with learning difficulties progress can be achieved. The findings also gave us an opportunity to identify specific students with particular learning difficulties and for these to be addressed says Mr Gill.