Reasons Buying Stuff Won’t Make You Happy


All the stuff we buy begins to fade. All possessions are temporary by nature. They look shiny and new in the store. But immediately, as soon as the package is opened, they begin to perish or fade.

There is always something new right around the corner. New models, new styles, new improvements, and new features. From clothes and cars to kitchen gadgets and technology, our world moves forward. And planned obsolescence makes sure our most recent purchase will be out of use sooner rather than later.

Each purchase adds extra worry to our lives. Every physical item we bring into our lives represents one more thing that can be broken, scratched, or stolen.

Possessions require maintenance. The things we own require time, energy, and focus. They need to be cleaned, organized, managed and maintained. And as a result, they often distract us from the things that truly do bring us lasting happiness.

Our purchases cost us more than we realize. In stores, products are measured in dollars and cents.

We discover other people aren’t all that impressed. Subconsciously (and sometimes even consciously), we expect our newest purchases will impress other people. They will notice our new car, computer, jacket, or shoes. But most of the time, they are less impressed than we think. Instead, most of them are too busy trying to impress you with their newest purchase.