The Facial Expressions Research Group Since (2010)

The Facial Expressions Research Group founded by Mr.Nicholas Gill, one of Irelands most talented individuals” I know Gill who has currently completed the three-month course down in Co. Cork in Ballymaloe Cookery School recently while running numerous businesses, Gill started the Group in Portugal (10) years ago in Quinta Do Lago with the support of his fantastic family. Son of Caroline Gill Former Insurance Ombudsman, Mr. Gill has also founded Ireland’s first social networking website in 2015 and has started numerous other business.

He has more than 54 people working for him around the clock of very talented lawyers and private investigators, Gill still takes complete ownership of the Facial Expressions Group but resigned to pursue his career in horse-riding while living in Spain for over one year.

Gill said while leaving his main company was one of the most difficult decisions he has ever had to make, he did it to pursue his future. He said it was the most difficult choice but certainly a choice he does not regret.

I found someone I completely trusted to take over the company and then left with my head held high and ready for the next adventure, of course leaving what I loved was extremely difficult, but I do hope to return to the group in the near future.