Some people often due to past experiences may find it hard to trust people as they have had recent letdowns or maybe even are affected by the way they were raised as a child says deception expert Nicholas Gill. If you have had people let you down you should say it to them or talk to someone about it. That will support you even due to their failure to come through when you asked for their help. You may find it hard to trust that person and that’s normal. On the other hand, if you’ve had supportive people who have guided you through hard situations, have helped you to learn to cope with them and they have not disappointed you its a very good sign and it’s easier to trust that person.

If you do find it hard to trust people these issues may be stumbling blocks for you:

– You feel that people aren’t reliable so you generalize this to include every person you encounter, regardless of their reassurances.

– You feel a need to shield yourself against being hurt by putting up defensive barriers before you even give other people a chance.

– You don’t like asking for help and feel it’s just easier to do things yourself to make sure they’re done properly, or at all.

– You are sometimes a pushover and seem to attract people who could take advantage of your generosity or willingness to be helpful.