Want to get a good nights’ sleep?


Written by Caroline Gill 22/02/2019 copyrighted by OnlyMediaPress
Here are few simple tips to get that sometimes elusive sleep.

First of all, don’t over-agonise about sleeping.
Don’t tell yourself you are a bad sleeper- if you do so it will become a ‘self fulfilling’ prophesy and you won’t get the sleep you desire.

Instead, tell yourself you are looking forward to a pleasant sleep.

Tell yourself you will get a good night’s sleep.

It is really important to ‘clear the mind’. Try and get all the stresses out of the way. Either deal with them before you go to bed or decide they can wait until the morning to be dealt with.

Have a tidy bedroom – hang up your clothes, – if you can- keep your shoes, bags and all other accessories outside the bedroom. Keep your bedroom as calm and clutter free as possible.
Invest, and I mean invest, in some decent bed linen. Have plenty of fitted bottom sheets, the finest cotton duvet covers, a multitude of the finest cotton pillowcases and the best down duvets. Your bed linen should so beautiful that you look forward to going to bed, to slip into those sharp, seductive sheets and enjoy the luxury as you fall into the welcoming arms of Hypnos, the good of sleep.

Always strip your bed down every day.

Put fresh sheets and pillowcases on your bed on a really regular basis–ideally change all your bedlinen every two days.

If you can, keep a window or two open. There is nothing like fresh air to help you get that desired sleep.

Don’t drink too much liquid before going to bed. Especially don’t take any coffee for a few hours before bedtime.

Allow yourself a little self -indulgence, whatever extravagance helps you sleep, indulge in it – whether it is a half hours’ TV, a chapter of a book, some favourite music or a small whiskey – just do it. Then enjoy the sweetest of dreams.